Guiding antibiotic treatment for all

We are developing accessible diagnostic tools to save and improve lives, promote antibiotic stewardship and help combat health inequity.


Diverse Kids

Improving Healthcare Outcomes

Physicians often prescribe inappropriate antibiotics. Lab results required to customize treatment take up to 5 days. Treatment during this wait time can be ineffective, leading to poor clinical outcomes and/or overly aggressive, causing medical complications

Promoting Antibiotic Stewardship

The balance between life-saving treatment and antibiotic stewardship is challenging. Latde's goal is to equip providers with information to safely de-escalate treatment sooner and slow down the antibiotic resistance crisis, known as "The Silent Pandemic"

Making a difference. For everyone.

Current rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing solutions are prohibitively costly, and therefore out of reach for most hospitals in the world. Driven by the impact of socioeconomic status on clinical outcome, Latde is developing diagnostic tools that can save patients across socioeconomic strata


Emily Melzer, Ph.D.

CEO, Co-founder

Microbiologist with expertise in Bacterial Physiology and Quantitative Microscopy

Sloan Siegrist, Ph.D.

CSO, Co-founder

Associate professor with expertise in Infectious Disease and Chemical Biology